What is your favourite dinner party menu?

Answer I always go with something that is reasonably cheap but tastes good and is not something that a lot of people eat on a regular basis.I'll give you a sample menu I'll be using for my Mum's birthday ... Read More »

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Help with my dinner party menu?

Needs to be plain with that creamy sauce either roast, chips or a baked spud. Keep it simple.Lots of soups though how about just 2 for choice so people can choose preference served with garlic brea... Read More »

If you were having a dinner party tonight, what would be on the menu?

Hang on I'll just check the fridge, see what home delivery menus are stuck to it.

Which of these menu's shall i do for a dinner party on saturday -?

Cool question...I just ate and I'm hungry again. I'd go with menu #1 for sure. I make curry all the time (as a matter of fact I'm preparing a coriander/almond chicken curry this weekend) and as I... Read More »

How to Create a Dinner Party Menu?

Planning a dinner party menu taps into your creative talents as well as your ability to gauge costs and preparation times. Coordinate your menu with your guest list and what you can bring to the pl... Read More »