What is your favourite country for food?

Answer Ha! That is an easy one, it has to be America, especially coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles, where right at your fingertips are the greatest international restaurants in the world. You ... Read More »

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What is your favourite food from a different country/culture?

Americans what is your favourite dinner Don't mean fast food but a sit down meal with the family, favourite?

any kind of stir fry with some sort of meat or tofu, lots of vegetables, garlic, onions, spices, and whatever other flavors i feel like. That's the whole meal, no sides or anything...then for des... Read More »

Name the food which represents ur country/state and also mention ur country's name.?

Hello, I'm from Singapore - a city known for it's many cuisines & abundance of great food. Chicken rice is ever so populay here. It's a dish where the rice is boiled with the chicken stock & the ... Read More »

Favourite movie about murder in a small country town?

Everyone's saying Fargo, I haven't seen it :P So....Animal Kingdom! Most definitely!!! Guy Pearce :D :D :DBQ: AAaahhhhhh "Snowtownn!!!" makes me want to jump out the window/my spine tingle/stomach ... Read More »