What is your favourite and worst soda ?

Answer diet coke yum but mountain dew gross

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Who is your favourite and worst rock singer/band?

My fave at the moment is "Slipknot" just because I,m going to see them at the Glasgow SECC in a few days time.I think KoRn are awesome.In fact all the Roadrunner bands bands kick @ss..!

Which pop/soda is your favourite?

hmmm... pepsi... I like the tingiling feeling in my throat lol

What is your favourite verse, from your most favourite song?

i dont know if anyone else has put it cause my brothers rushing me to get off the computer so he can use it so here you go my favorite verse from my favorite songthe verse is:And I'd give up foreve... Read More »

What's the Worst Tasting Soda?

Raspberry cream soda... From a cafe at resort last year, worst thing to ever pass my taste ids ahaha