What is your favorte thing at starbucks?

Answer Nothing since i don't go to starbucks & the prices are insulting.

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What is the healthiest thing to get at Starbucks?

ANY drinks that are low calories. If you wanted lattes or any other coffees type, you should ask for sugar free and skinny milk. It should be healthier!! I love Starbucks!!

What is your favorte food to eat?

italiansouthern home cookingmexicancajunchinesefrenchspanish

What was your Favorte saturday morning cartoon?

the bugs bunny/road runner hour and the flintstones.

Is the thing on the table in Torchwood Episode 9 of season 1 the thing that closes anomalies in Primeval?

yes it is i noticed that as well. us eagle eyed veiwers ay