What is your favorite/least favorite aspect of your local coffee shop?

Answer I hate this one coffee shop that has great food and coffee but little tables and uncomfortable chairs. It also has poor lighting, bad acoustics (no sound proofing) and a dinky bathroom.I want a cof... Read More »

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Starbucks or your local coffee shop....?

Starbucks SUCKS...local shops offer better coffe, better service, better prices and a better atmosphere!

What is the difference between Starbucks coffee and other coffee brands sold at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter?

That ia quality to a master coffee drinker. Unless you have extensive experience in determine raw material (bean/berry) quality and then the same of the final product, coffee, we will never know. F... Read More »

Mouth ulcers!!!!does anyone know what i can buy for them from my local health shop?

The most common type of mouth ulcers are called 'apthous' ulcers. They are probably viral. (though no virus has been identified.)This means they should not be given antibiotics as there have no eff... Read More »

How to Shop Like Massie Block when Your Local Mall Stinks?

If you want to shop like Massie Block... or get clothes like Massie, and you've got a horrible mall that sells things alright - but they are in the C-list! No te preocupes, amigo, estoy aquí para ... Read More »