What is your favorite website that nobody knows about?

Answer If nobody knows about it, how can it be anyones favorite? What a stupid question!

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What is your favorite movie that nobody likes but you?

Touch of Pink. Suleikha Matthew was absolutely hilarious as the conservative Muslim mother who is trying to hook her gay son Alim up in a Monsoon Wedding! When she visits him in England, she has no... Read More »

What should you do if you're 13 and wear girls' clothes and nobody in your family knows?

Answer Dont worry about it i love to wear girl panties all the time and i wish i had a sister to wear here panties and clothes but i don't.=[.don't worry about what the people think just do what yo... Read More »

What is your favorite website that you go to daily for entertainment?

this darn answers place...I am addicted!

What is your favorite movie that is basically forgotten about?

I have a few. Now, I'm not sure how "forgotten" they are, but I rarely hear anybody speak of them. A Perfect World - I've praised this film so much, so I won't really go into why I love it. But it'... Read More »