What is your favorite type of food American, mexican, chinese, italian or another?

Answer Mexican :)

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Whats your favorite type of food Indian, Mexican, Italian,Chinese?

What is your favorite type of food chinese, mexican, italian, indian, japanese why?

I don't eat chinese or Japanese food. Indian food gives me the sh*ts.italian food is very good, but expensive, and fattening (pasta)Mexican food is my favorite. I really like it extra spicy.

What is your favorite food: Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Greek, or American ?

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be Italian, Chinese, Mexican.....?

I just spent 3 weeks in Italy. The food varies from region to region. It's different in Rome than in Florence and Sorrento. The varieties of vegetables that are used for sauces are only used wh... Read More »