What TV show was Arnold the pigs favorite show on green acres?

Answer There was no particular show as such but the Hog seemed to enjoy Westerns dealing with cavalry battles, the John Wayne sort of thing.

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What is this show called it was one of your favorite show is in the 90s it was about a girl and her family that lived in an RV the mother was a singer they would always find like ghosts and stuff?

What is your favorite T.V. Show?

What's you're favorite tv show?

ooh me too! In order they are:01. Wildfire02. One Tree Hill03. Gilmore Girls04. Supernatural05. Beautiful People06. Smallville07. Relatedand then a whole bunch of various of shows on MTV.

What your favorite TV show?

LOST is awesome though I wouldnt say its my favorite showIt definitely is addicting thoughCSI: Las Vegas is really good, don't like Miami though (I hatethe red haired guy)Full Metal Alchemist is a ... Read More »