What is your favorite thing to do with soft tofu?

Answer i am a Korean vegetarian, and i eat Tofu all the time. mostly spicy. ways i eat tofu. 1) slice Tofu into a flat square, pan fry with vegetable oil and add salt to Tofu once in the pan.2) mash soft ... Read More »

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What is your favorite tofu dish?

mediterranean pistaccio crusted tofu…deep frying is more unhealthy than baking.

What is your favorite thing to go with soup?

Yeah, depends on the kind of soup...Fresh garden saladBread that pairs well ie. Sourdough & clam chowder, cornbread & chili etcCrackers if it pairs wellHalf a sandwich

What is your all time favorite tofu recipe?

Here are some of my favorite tofu recipes:Kung Pao Tofu Cashew Nut with Tofu…Pineapple Fried Rice with Tofuhttp://... Read More »

What is your favorite thing with pears as an ingredient?

Baked pears - Core, halve or slice one pear or more and sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, and nuts, then throw in the oven for a little while. So delicious!