What is your favorite steak?

Answer 2" think porter house on grill. steak seasoning. Only cooked to cool blue. Simple is best no marinades. Delicious

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What is your favorite cut of beef steak and why?

What's your favorite type of Steak?

Thick cut Ribeye...medium rare! I want it to moo a little when I fork it :)

Are you barbequing a steak any time soon How do you like your steak?

As a matter of fact, I am barbequing rib-eyes tomorrow night. I like mine medium to medium rare. Would you like me to make you one, Sharon?

What would you do if you found out your favorite chinese restaurant used cats in your favorite dish?

I'd applaud the restaurant for taking cat meat and making a great dish out of it!Also, I'd wonder what happened to the pelts. Did that fur end up in P Diddy's clothing line?