How to Make a Romantic Comedy?

Answer American Pie is one of the many romantic comedy movies out there and now, with the help of this article, you can make one by yourself.

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What romantic comedy movie were you surprised you liked?

Can you please help me to find this romantic comedy movie?

"Shallow Hal" (2001)Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, & Jason AlexanderAnother movie you might like that has a similar theme to it is called:"Angus" (1995)Starring: Perry Anzilotti, Kathy B... Read More »

Can you recommend any good romantic comedy movie?

Romantic Comedies:1. She's All That2. Picture Perfect 3. Kate & Leopold4. When Harry Met Sally5. Leap Year6. Serious Moonlight7. You've Got Mail8. French Kiss9. Easy A10. Nick and Norah's Infinite ... Read More »

What are your favorite episodes of your favorite comedy TV shows?

Arrested Development - ¡Amigos!, Staff Infection, Motherboy XXX, The Immaculate Election, For British Eyes OnlyCommunity - Modern Warfare, Regional Holiday Music, Remedial Chaos Theory, Conspiracy... Read More »