What is your favorite rice brand?

Answer Why basmati ofcourse! And how about you?Cheers!:)Rudra

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What is your favorite way to eat rice?

I make a concoction of rice mixed with fried ham or bolgna, scambled eggs, fried onions, with a bit of soy sauce and butter, yum!I also love steamed white rice, brown rice, rice-a-roni, chinese fri... Read More »

What is your favorite fried rice ?

It would have to be chicken. Anything chicken is good. (Chicken is my favorite food)

Which is your favorite and least favorite brand of television?

I like Lukster's list. I tend to agree.Pioneer should be included at the top of the list. Their Kuro televisions were declared the "best" by several magazines.The Sony, Samsung, Sharp and Pioneers ... Read More »

What is your favorite beer brand?