What is your favorite question to answer?

Answer Actually my favorite questions to answer are new veg*ns or wanting to become veg*ns who want some friendly advise. I have answered many a question from a young teen whose parents are skeptical abou... Read More »

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Vegetrian advice "i'll answer your question, if you answer mine"?

Yes fish is considered meat. Basically if you eat fish, but no other meat you are a pescatarian. A vegetarian may be lacto-ovo, ovo, or lacto. Lacto means they consume dairy products while ovo refe... Read More »

What is your favorite disney song, best answer in 1 hour?

What is your favorite color lipstick 10 points for best answer?

Au Natural viva la lip gloss in english No lipstick just glossI prefer Lip Venom by DuWop.

What in your mind warrants a report of a question or answer?

if you talk bad about one of the moms i like i will email you and if you do not do any thing about it i will report that. or the sick people that ask really rude sick questions. i hardly ever repor... Read More »