Have you ever been asked for I.D. even though your old enough to buy what you like?

Answer I get ID'ed pretty much everytime i go into my local Wetherspoon's, i'm 24 now, but the annoying thing is that i haven't had any ID for the past 4 years, now i'm getting fed up with being turned aw... Read More »

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Have you ever been asked to go to the restroom to feed your baby?

I've been nursing for 20 months and while I've never actually been asked to nurse somewhere other than where I was...I most certainly have had glares, and stares from people who probably wanted to ... Read More »

I have been asked to clean a home for someone that hasnt been deep cleaned in years.. how much should I charge?

Steve's right.I run a housecleaning business & I learned--the hard way--to charge by the hour. It will ALWAYS take you longer than you think it will when you're doing a deep cleaning.And the custo... Read More »

Have you ever bought, or been given 2nd hand things for your child, that you used?

Hand-me-downs and charity shop stuff saved me a lot of money for my daughter.I was given lots of clothes and used the majority of it. The stuff I didn't use was either things that didn't suit my d... Read More »

Have you ever been so consumed by this that you pissed your pants instead of leaving the computer?

I've had the runs and released a questionable fart. I was lucky it wasn't a wet one. I should of sat on the bowl for it since I'm at work.