What is your favorite place to eat on your birthday?

Answer Chinatown!

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What is your favorite meal to have on your Birthday BQ= favorite Ice Cream?

I love just about everything, does not matter. BQ:Anything but plain vanilla.Happy birthday to Daddy Scooter! 75! ♥Another year is a happy gift,So cut your cake, and say,"Instead of counting birt... Read More »

What is your favorite meal on your Birthday?

Now that my kids are not here and across the country, I have a friend who take me out to lunch every birthday. We go to this family run, very cozy place, not far away. They have delicious food and... Read More »

What should you do if your older brother plans on having a party in your favorite place to go and escape the world?

He should respect your privacy and you can handle it two ways .. #1 you can communicate to your brother that the place they want to have the party at is your favorite place and you'd rather not hav... Read More »

What is your favorite place in your home?

My den. I have a large collection of books. An antique radio that still works (circa 1927) and my computer. It's a respite to hide away in when i want peace and quiet.