What is your favorite nightly snack?

Answer Something savory, quick, easy to make & yummy. Usually things like mini pizzas (frozen or homemade using cheese, pizza/marinara sauce & some kind of bread like English muffins, mini bagels, cracker... Read More »

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What is your favorite snack to eat before going to bed?

If im in a salty mood its Sundried Tomatoe & Basil flavoured rice cakes with cream cheese.Or if Im in a sweet mood its a Honey Macadamia Weiz Bar

What is your favorite diabetes-friendly snack or dessert?

How about chewy chocolate brownies and apple strudel? Here, check these links out.

What is your favorite snack to have before, after, or during drinking alcohol?

Mmmm, I love munchie food when I drink. Hot dog's are the best when you're drinking and burgers, I don't really like either when I'm not drinking, lol. Pizza, potato chips and dip, anything easy ... Read More »

Your favorite low calorie snack?

So many to pick from, but here are the first to come to mind.Apple 116 calPear 96 calMango 135 calStrawberries 52 cal per half cup halvedOrange 65 - 70 calBanana 105 - 110 calCarrot 52 calPlum Toma... Read More »