MCR fans: favorite my chemical romance song line?

Answer "burning on just like the match you tried to incinerate the lives of every one you know""well their never gonna get me, like a bullet through a flock of doves""im tellin you the truth, i mean it, i... Read More »

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What is your fave my chemical romance song?

I cannot pick one i'm a big fan of MCR so i would have to say all of them just to avoid violation:Give'em hell kidHow I DissapearFamous Last WordsMamaHouse of wolvesSkylines and turstilesWelcome to... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You My Chemical Romance Things?

Do you love My Chemical Romance and want to buy some of their merchandise, but think your parents won't let you? There are many reasons to convince them to buy you MCR stuff.

How to Make Your Room My Chemical Romance Themed?

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Which of this are your favorite tv shows (Mostly drama/romance)?

Roswell! I've just started rewatching season two, actually. It's still fantastic. I've never seen One Tree Hill, but Vampire Diaries drives me up the wall.