MCR fans: favorite my chemical romance song line?

Answer "burning on just like the match you tried to incinerate the lives of every one you know""well their never gonna get me, like a bullet through a flock of doves""im tellin you the truth, i mean it, i... Read More »

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What is your fave my chemical romance song?

I cannot pick one i'm a big fan of MCR so i would have to say all of them just to avoid violation:Give'em hell kidHow I DissapearFamous Last WordsMamaHouse of wolvesSkylines and turstilesWelcome to... Read More »

How to Be a My Chemical Romance Fan?

My Chemical Romance's music and band members are large influences on a wide range of people. This article will provide some of the guidelines on the way the band members of My Chemical Romance have... Read More »

How to Appreciate My Chemical Romance Music?

My Chemical Romance is an alternative rock band from New Jersey. Gerard Way, the lead vocalist, Ray Toro and Frank Iero, guitarists, and Mikey Way, bassist, play great songs and music such as "Welc... Read More »

How to Look Like Helena from My Chemical Romance?

If you've seen the MCR video for Helena (an epic video about a young deceased girl with dancing mourners and beautiful vivid colors), you may want to mimic that look. Most people that try to pull o... Read More »