What is your favorite hard alcohol?

Answer Frozen vodka!

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What is your favorite Non alcohol?

Survey: What is your favorite alcohol drink and why?

My favourite would be doing shots of vodka. Mainly because I generally don't like the taste of alcohol, I just drink to get tipsy and so forth. Mixing it with a full cup of drink makes it harder to... Read More »

When you drink what is your favorite alcohol?

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is coffee with milk, no sugar. My favorite alcoholic drink is exactly the same except with the added bonus of a measure of whisky and half a teaspoon of sugar!:D

What is your favorite alcohol mixed drink, and how do you make it?

*&*&*RAMUS FIZZ 1 oz Gin 2 oz egg white mix \ 1 spoon sugar \ 2 drops vanilla extract \ 1/2 s... Read More »