What is your favorite gravy recipe...!?

Answer Take the drippings put into a pot over low heat and gradually add a little flour (regular - white flour) and keep stirring until it thickens up. Add a little seasoning (salt, pepper, thyme, parsle... Read More »

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Please help me with your favorite Oregano Chicken with gravy recipe?

Sticky Lemon-Oregano ChickenServe with rice, mashed potatoes or bread, any of which will soak up those great juices.6 meaty chicken thighs (bone-in, skin left on), about 2 to 3 pounds3 tablespoons ... Read More »

Rice and gravy or mashed potatoes and gravy?

What is your favorite Recipe and Why?

Hi Orville - Check out my recipe on shrimp and prawns. I came up with this one myself and it is really delicious!I just love shrimp and prawns too! I just had prawns with steak on Christmas and it... Read More »

Which is your favorite recipe with and without a Tbs?

Please complete your question, I need to know what substance you are talking about a tablespoon of..