What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

Answer Scuba -We think and taste alike -I'm grapefruit and Brussel sprouts.My second choices are asparagus - has to be raw for the best taste. And for fruit - honeydew melon.

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EASY POINTS!!! What is your very favorite vegetable & fruit?

Right now I will say:Mushrooms and tomatoes!!!Ask me later, I'll likely answer different.

What is your favorite & least favorite vegetable to eat?

Broccoli, garlic and watercress are my favorites, but I love almost all vegetables!! :)Least favorite: fennel.

What is your favorite vegetable :D?

Too many great veggies to choose from! I love kale and spinach and onion and bell peppers and eggplant and summer squashes and winter squashes and cabbage (purple and green) and broccoli and caulif... Read More »

What is your favorite vegetable?