What is your favorite fruit?

Answer So many, so many. Strawberries, melons, mangos, peaches, and on and on. I love cantaloupes though.

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What's your favorite fruit?

What is you favorite fruit and Why?

The sweet, crunchy, cool taste of a Fuji apple.

What's your favorite fruit and why?

Mango...B/c its fun to eat in the shower!! (No pun intended..) Its just a messy lil fruit, kill two birds one stone, you get full & clean at the same time!!!

What is you favorite fruit,and why?

I can't pick a favorite. but my three least favorite are bananas, apples, and oranges. Avocados might be the #1 on my list, though... next to cherries, plums, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, bl... Read More »