What is your favorite form of exercise?

Answer Running around the lake two times every day. It is about 8 miles and takes right at an hour and a half. It is really beautiful, and I engage with mediation at the same time. It's just like your flo... Read More »

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Have you had any form of exercise this year?

Yep, played golf a couple of times and, due to the bad weather I walked down to town most days, I suppose it does us good-------

Would you consider exotic dancing to be a good form of exercise?

I consider it GREAT exercise! I hit the strip clubs all the time, tossing money at the ladies trying to get in shape. I try to be a good motivator for health and wellness.

What is your least favorite exercise to do ?

The stationary bike. Pushing with my left leg is painful since my stroke~

Is running still the best form of exercise for cardiovascular health and weight loss?

I do a lot of gym and fitness work and I despise treadmills!Running is a fantastic cardio but stay away from treadmills, buy a decent pair of running shoes and go jogging outside!Another great exer... Read More »