What is your favorite flavored Ice Cream?

Answer I would like a strawberry cornetto.

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What is your favorite flavor ice cream from Blue Bunny Ice cream?

well-I'm limited to their no sugar flavors--so bunny the little bunnies...

Ummmm what is your favorite ice cream flavorhow do you like your ice cream to bei mean what toppings?

I like black berry flavor but thats no available here either. Man, maybe I am living in the wrong place..............just kidding. My second best is mango and or coconut flavor and thats always... Read More »

What is your favorite meal to have on your Birthday BQ= favorite Ice Cream?

I love just about everything, does not matter. BQ:Anything but plain vanilla.Happy birthday to Daddy Scooter! 75! ♥Another year is a happy gift,So cut your cake, and say,"Instead of counting birt... Read More »

What's your favorite flavored Coffee For Tea drinkers what's your favorite kind of Tea?

Lipton's Sweet Iced Tea for me, thank you. I like to put vanilla flavoring in my coffee if I am going to drink it, or just sugar and cream.Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthda... Read More »