What is your favorite fallacy used by the alties?

Answer I can't call it my favourite, but it's the one that amuses and irritates me most in equal measure - ''If (insert type of quackery) doesn't work, how come (insert names of famous people, usually inc... Read More »

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What's your favourite logical fallacy used by AltMedders on Yahoo?

So many, so many, which ones to choose?"TCM has been used for thousands of years, so it must work"(Appeal to Tradition fallacy.)"If it doesn't work, how come my patients are 'cured' ?"(Confusing Ca... Read More »

What would you do if you found out your favorite chinese restaurant used cats in your favorite dish?

I'd applaud the restaurant for taking cat meat and making a great dish out of it!Also, I'd wonder what happened to the pelts. Did that fur end up in P Diddy's clothing line?

What is your favorite song used in a movie?

When the man comes around by Johnny Cash. I went nuts about this song after seeing Dawn of the Dead 2004. I loved it than and i still love it now. :)

What is your favorite meal that mom used to make?

Roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and biscuits, sounds really good even now.