What is your favorite fallacy used by the alties?

Answer I can't call it my favourite, but it's the one that amuses and irritates me most in equal measure - ''If (insert type of quackery) doesn't work, how come (insert names of famous people, usually inc... Read More »

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Alties, Name me a true skeptic?

Flashflood is the most frequent violator of this fallacy. In a way it's really a moot point. At the end of the day, it does not matter how doubt is reached. They still cannot support their position... Read More »

What causes Alties to abuse and insult those who disagree with them Why do they reject scientific evidence?

Well, one encouraging thing is that it seems that most of them draw the line somewhere. Janie asked her question several times yesterday, deleting and reposting it every time she received an unfavo... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between Bias & Fallacy?

To sharpen your critical thinking skills, you must understand how you communicate your ideas to others, as well as how you process information being communicated to you. Two common reasoning proble... Read More »

How to Appeal to Guilt Fallacy?

The guilt fallacy, also known as the guilt by association fallacy, is a type of logical fallacy. People who use logical fallacies in arguments or debates claim they have proved their points, when i... Read More »