In the very last episode of friends what is the name of the guitar music that closes the episode?

Answer Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane

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What was the 77 episode of friends?

Episode 4.04 - "The One With The Ballroom Dancing".

Friends episode?

I don't recall that episode anywhere... There was one where Joey smelled and his boss talked to him about how he 'stunk' but that's all I can remember I'm afraid

Where can you get friends episode 24?

1980's TV series- Michael Knight (formerly Michael Arthur Long) played by David Hasselhoff2008/2009 TV series- Mike Traceur (son of Michael Knight) played by Justin Bruening

What is the best friends episode?

Probably the last one. But I also like "The One With Monica's Boots", Phoebe was simply hilarious in it, especially with her rendition of "Roxanne." But did you know that over 51.2 million viewers ... Read More »