What's your favorite drinking game?

Answer go through the alphabet, for every letter, name a sexual phrase. if you cant think of one, you drink. simple.

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What is your favorite drink What are you drinking right now?

I am drinking up the responses to my answers to your questions!What better drink is that!? Otherwise I am drinking Diet Coke and also a bit of apple juice.And, well, *blush* a bit of Budlite. =)Bu... Read More »

What's your favorite beer for daily drinking?

well daily in america I drink guiness stout with lil shamrocks in the foam or hearts if the bartender has a thing for mein Germany I drank hefe und crystal weisen (which I miss dearly) other than t... Read More »

What is your favorite snack to have before, after, or during drinking alcohol?

Mmmm, I love munchie food when I drink. Hot dog's are the best when you're drinking and burgers, I don't really like either when I'm not drinking, lol. Pizza, potato chips and dip, anything easy ... Read More »

When you're home and/or away what's your favorite hat (Party Hat, Thinking Hat, Drinking Hat)?

Party Hat with bunny ears.Worship the bunny.