What is your favorite drink (Coffee, Coke, Juice, Beer, Wine, etc.)?

Answer Lime and soda most the timeFosters at the weekend

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Poll: Besides beer and wine what is your favorite alcoholic drink and why?

1 1/2oz. Cruzan Coconut Rum with 12oz A&W Diet Root Beer, in a tall glass with lots of ice. It taste like a root beer float.

What's your favorite drink... coffee, tea, juice, water, pop, alcohol, or other?

Why won't parents allow their kids to drink coffee, but let them drink-Coke etc.,laced with caffeine?

Better question is why do they let the kids drink "energy" drinks that are loaded with more caffeine than coffee? It may be that the myth of coffee stunting your growth is still going strong, thoug... Read More »

Which one would like: Tea, Wine, Coffee, Juice?

I think that you should ask a question more real, with text inside, with water as a choice. Tea being acidic should not have been an option. Saying so, out of these I will take juice.