What is your favorite dinner.,at your favorite restraunt ?

Answer crab legs anywhere i can get'em'' anytyme'' plus tea or water''

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What is you least favorite food to make at the restraunt you work at?

I don't work at a restaurant anymore but when I did I was a fry cook. I hated making the fried chicken. Usually a lot of grease popping on me and after about 6-8 hours it would get me kinda sick to... Read More »

What is your favorite made up statistic or other woo spouted by our favorite "see a professional homeopath"?

Favourite piece of nonsense she made up herself: 'If you survive (chemo), you probably were misdiagnosed in the first place''.…Second favourite, same link:... Read More »

Your favorite fragrance from PINK (and your favorite from just plain old Victoria's Secret)?

PINK: Warm and Cozy smells soooo goodVS: Besides Warm and Cozy probably Luscious Kisses Mmm lol :)

What is your favorite full service chain restaurant and what is your favorite meal there?

Hmmm..... Wendy's for the chibatta ham and swissJack in the box for the sourdough swiss jackBurger King for the Whopper and friesPerkins for the potato pancakesDenny's for the coffee and pieOutback... Read More »