What is your favorite cut of beef steak and why?

Answer Rib eye. Best flavor, hands down.

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Is steak beef?

Usually. While steak commonly refers to beef, the term can also be applied to other meat, such as ham, or fish, such as halibut, swordfish and tuna. Beef steak comes in nearly a dozen cuts such as ... Read More »

What cut is a chuck steak beef eye?

Chuck eye steak comes from the shoulder and neck sections of the beef. This is a cheaper, more flavorful cut that can tend to be tough or chewy. The Cook's Thesaurus recommends you marinate it firs... Read More »

If I were a cut of beef, I would be a porterhouse steak, and you would be what?

I would be answering a question asked by a porterhouse steak

What is a Kobe beef steak?

Kobe beef is considered the best beef in the world, and has a high price tag. You won't find Kobe beef at your run-of-the-mill supermarket; only specialty shops and top restaurants carry the prized... Read More »