What is your favorite chain restaurant?

Answer def olive garden!just thinking about their salad and bread sticks gives me goose bumps!

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What is your favorite full service chain restaurant and what is your favorite meal there?

Hmmm..... Wendy's for the chibatta ham and swissJack in the box for the sourdough swiss jackBurger King for the Whopper and friesPerkins for the potato pancakesDenny's for the coffee and pieOutback... Read More »

What is your favorite chain restaurant that doesn't exist anymore?

I'm from Cincinnati too, lived in SC for 6 yrs now. When did they get rid of Hardees? I liked Zantigos, it was much better than Taco Bell

What is your favorite restaurant to get breakfast at Chain or mom and pops is fine. Why do you like the place?

Every morning for several years now I have started my day at a local place called CBD (Coffee By Design). I have the same thing every deay--a tall medium blend and a raspberry muffin. When I get ... Read More »

What would you do if you found out your favorite chinese restaurant used cats in your favorite dish?

I'd applaud the restaurant for taking cat meat and making a great dish out of it!Also, I'd wonder what happened to the pelts. Did that fur end up in P Diddy's clothing line?