What is your favorite burger joint in your town. Do not list McD BK Wendys etc?

Answer Hey, sorry, here's my address: crazyoldlamalady@yahoo.comGreen(And my favorite burger joint is B-Bops probably.) ACk just realized you said not to list a fast food jount, ok then in that case it is... Read More »

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Which fast food burger do you like more Burger King , McDonalds, or Wendys?

Whataburger is the best fast food place ever (it's a Texas thing)! Of the places you named, Wendy's is my favorite because the Chili is awesome.

What is your favorite A&W burger?

What are your favorite toppings to put on a burger?

Top:lettuce, tomato, red onions, hot sauce, mayoBelow (cheese btwn if dbl. patty): cheddar cheese, dill pickles, chili sauceNow I'm hungry!

What if your ex runs around from town to town with your son how can you get custody of your child?

Answer See an attorney to file for custody. When your ex is found, you can use the court to force custody to you.If you already have legal custody, and your ex has taken the child in knowing viola... Read More »