What is your favorite botton on your keyboard!?

Answer I have two favorite buttons-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Squigalies************************ Sparkalies:-) And the ones that make a smiley face!

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Where can i get a belly botton piercing?

most tattoo shops do piercings but should always check out their licences and cleanliness

How do you hit enter botton on a samsung intercept?

It's the arrow key under the backspace arrow on the keyboard.

Will it wreck my laptop if i shut it off using the power botton PLEASE HELP!?

If the button would ruin the laptop, what makes you think they would add it in the first place? (: It doesn't do anything to the computer. Inside your computer, there is a battery. Look up the mode... Read More »

Is pinch like feeling below the belly botton a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It could be gas or any intestinal disturbance. But very doubtful,pregnancy.