What is your favorite book of the Bible.?

Answer the gospel of judas

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What is your favorite book Movie?

Book? The Lovely Bones and The Five People You Meet in HeavenMovie? Somewhere in Time

What is your favorite movie ever?

I dont know, there are so manySpiderman 2V for VendettaThe first Matrix

What is your favorite vegetable ever?

That's hard to choose, I love them all. Asparagus is my favorite, followed by string beans. Followed by - oh, forget it! I'm getting confused... !!

What Are Ten Of Your Favorite Fictional Characters Ever?

*Drools* What an awesome, and tough Q. I'll Countdown to Ecstasy on this one:10. Indiana Jones9. Ichigo from "Bleach", the ultimate completely-lacking-in-any-other-traits-t… character (I like to ... Read More »