What is your favorite animal product?

Answer Seafood...I love the taste of cold shrimp and shrimp on the grill, I love sushi, and love Squid with cilantro, lime, and jalapenos, and I love oysters on the halfshell with lemon and horseradish.

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What is the vaccine which makes you regurgitate when you eat meat or an animal product?

It's the "Ungulate Vaccine". Ask your doctor about it. Carefull, you'll also start to lactate.

What is your FAVORITE beauty product and WHY?

VASELINE PETROLEUM JELLYHere are 50 uses for Vaseline that are totally beauty related so while you’re out trying the new and wonderful products, grab (another) tub of the classic Vaseline - I kno... Read More »

Is it true that McDonalds puts beef fat or some kind of animal product in there fries?

The now use Peanut Oil to cook their fries.

What is your favorite coca-cola product?

The clasic Coke in the glass bottle with the non twisty top!