What is your favorite Sunday breakfast?

Answer Oatmeal and a dry toast with coffee.

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What's your favorite Hot Breakfast Your favorite Cold Breakfast?

I have oatmeal / toast with smooth peanut butter and orange juice ab every morning.....A DREAM HOT BREAKFAST WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS:Sausage gravy over a hot biscuit An egg omelet with cheese onions ja... Read More »

What did you have for your Sunday breakfast?

Sundays its a quick bowl of cereal before church.I always cook Sunday meals on Saturdays, so when we get homewe already have something prepared.So I would call it a brunch of chicken breasts, macar... Read More »

What would be good for a nice Sunday morning Florida breakfast?

I would say French toast with homemade maple syrup, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges (any fresh fruit you want), and orange/applejuice. Yummm :) Haven't had that in forever, it's a w... Read More »

Fish and chips, sunday dinners and full english breakfast are the 3 best meals, who agrees?

Chips without the fish, sunday dinners and english breakfast without meat for me :D