What is your favorite, Pickled food?

Answer Sausage.

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What food is great when it's pickled?

Pickled beets (Save the juice. Put hard-boiled eggs, without shells, in the jar with leftover juice and leave them for 3 or 4 days -- in the fridge. You'll have pretty pink pickled eggs.) A big j... Read More »

What is your favorite thing to eat from your favorite fast food restaurant?

Simple Food question What's your favorite Food to have for Dinner?

Hi (((((Scooter))))) :)I have 2 favorite . . .1. Spaghetti with a garden saladAND2. Salad with tomatoes . . cheese . .cucumbers . .and topped with white meat chicken As long as it's good . . . I'm... Read More »

What is your favorite food to BBQ?

ribs, I use this dry rub for mine and yummy yummy Dry meat rub2 cups of dark brown sugar1 tbls of adobo seasoning*1 tbls of lemon pepper1 tbls of garlic powder1 tbls of onion powder1 tsp of chili p... Read More »