How to Theme Your Room After Your Favorite Naruto Character?

Answer Have you ever wanted to show your a Naruto fan by your room or make your room like your favorite character? This guide will show you all the steps for doing just that!

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How to Create Your Own Naruto Character?

If you are a Naruto fan and would like to create a character to interact with the other characters then it might be fun to create your your own Naruto OC (other character, as in not canon)! I hope ... Read More »

What is your favorite naruto (not shippuden) episode?

i like the one where these two guy dress as lee and gai and everyone in the village knew but naruto. also i like the one where they try to get a glimpse of kakashi's face. oh and the one where they... Read More »

In Charmed what is the best season.and who is your favorite character.?

I liked all 8 seasons really and my fav was phoebe Alyssa Milano is hot a.s.s hell lol

Who is your favorite character in CIA?

NO. You would not be eligible for hire until your early twenties in most cases.