What is your favorite Mexican food?

Answer That is a VERY hard question. I would have to say Pozole or tamales (cheese and pork ones are my fave). I chose those because they remind me of the holidays with my family.

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What is your Favorite Mexican Food and Why?

menudochiles rellenosenchiladastamaleschile con quesoseafood / any endiablada flautas- rolled taquitos two corn tortillas long (one end overlaps the second ) filled with shredded flank/brisket beef... Read More »

What is your favorite mexican food of all time?

Calabacitas! Nopales! Green Chile chicken enchiladas! Tamales! Tacos! Caldo De Res! Menudo....Hell I should just say that I am Hispanic and any thing I make is my favorite! To drink? Horchata! Or a... Read More »

What is your favorite food: Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Greek, or American ?

What is your favorite type of food chinese, mexican, italian, indian, japanese why?

I don't eat chinese or Japanese food. Indian food gives me the sh*ts.italian food is very good, but expensive, and fattening (pasta)Mexican food is my favorite. I really like it extra spicy.