What is your favorite Mcdonalds breakfast sandwich?

Answer Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit....mmmmmmm and add an orange juice, please

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If I found a bug in my McDonalds sandwich should I tell anyone?

welli loved mcdonalds since i could remember myselfso part of me wants to tell you not to ruin mcdonalds reputation (you are kind of doing it ny asking this question)and part of me wants to tell yo... Read More »

What's your Favorite Sandwich to make, and what's your favorite sandwich to eat?

oh dude mine is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it is awesome

Is McDonalds coffee served all day or only at breakfast?

What's your favorite Hot Breakfast Your favorite Cold Breakfast?

I have oatmeal / toast with smooth peanut butter and orange juice ab every morning.....A DREAM HOT BREAKFAST WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS:Sausage gravy over a hot biscuit An egg omelet with cheese onions ja... Read More »