Does Guitar Hero guitar controller work with all Guitar Hero games for Xbox 360?

Answer The guitar controller made for the "Guitar Hero" series of games on the Microsoft Xbox 360 works for all games in the series, beginning with "Guitar Hero 2" and continuing through more recent relea... Read More »

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What does it mean to beat the boss song in Guitar Hero 3 for wii?

The boss song in Guitar Hero 3 squares players off against the demonic Lou, who you must outplay on the ax in the classic song, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Win this battle and you beat the ga... Read More »

How to Beat Any Song on Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

You have been practicing and practicing, but you just can't get that song beat! Read this wiki and you may finally 'get it'.

Is Guitar Hero World Tour compatible with Guitar Hero 3 for Wii?

Guitar Hero World Tour guitars can be used with Guitar Hero III guitars on the Wii, and vice versa. Since Guitar Hero III does not support drums, vocals or downloadable songs, it cannot take advan... Read More »

How to Play Your Favorite Song on the Guitar?

Learn to play a song on the guitar by simply listening, figuring out what chords are played, then play them yourself.