What is your favorite Ethnic Dish?

Answer sweet and sour chicken...does that count?!??!

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What's your favorite dish from the following ethnic food?

Mexican: enchiladasThai: I don't think I've ever had anyChinese: sesame chicken and egg rollsItalian: any kind of pasta especially fettuccine alfredoFrench: fresh made breads and pastries

Simple question. What is your favorite Ethnic dish?

French Tripe and Onions with mashed potatoes and a creamy parsley sauce.Properly cooked the tripe is yummy, poor;y cooked it is like eating a mouthful of rubber-bands, or over cooke squid.You shoul... Read More »

Short Ethnic Food Survey anyone Which is your favorite Ethnic foods?

1: Japanese2: ...Hmm...American/Canadian3: Thai!!4: Indian5: MexicanI'm part Polish, part Ukranian, part Indian (so part Asian =D ), part English/British (how I can do the accent so well..), ..and ... Read More »

What is the most unusual "ethnic" dish you have tried?

Australian Kangaroo stew...And it was quite tasty!Spanish snails in piquant sauce..annoying to eat, they are really tiny...takes foerever to get them out of the shells!...But the flavour was ok.And... Read More »