What is your favorite Ethnic Dish?

Answer sweet and sour chicken...does that count?!??!

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Simple question. What is your favorite Ethnic dish?

French Tripe and Onions with mashed potatoes and a creamy parsley sauce.Properly cooked the tripe is yummy, poor;y cooked it is like eating a mouthful of rubber-bands, or over cooke squid.You shoul... Read More »

What's your favorite dish from the following ethnic food?

Mexican: enchiladasThai: I don't think I've ever had anyChinese: sesame chicken and egg rollsItalian: any kind of pasta especially fettuccine alfredoFrench: fresh made breads and pastries

Short Ethnic Food Survey anyone Which is your favorite Ethnic foods?

1: Japanese2: ...Hmm...American/Canadian3: Thai!!4: Indian5: MexicanI'm part Polish, part Ukranian, part Indian (so part Asian =D ), part English/British (how I can do the accent so well..), ..and ... Read More »

What is your favorite ethnic food?

That's a toss up for me. I love Chinese and Italian mostly, but I,m also a big fan of Mexican. I really do LOVE to eat good food. If really had to pick, I would choose ITALIAN also. Chinese is go... Read More »