What is your favorite Computer component?

Answer The power supply because without it, the computer wouldn't turn on. And if it didn't turn on, I wouldn't be able to use it.

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What is the definition of a computer component?

People commonly refer to the parts that make up a PC, such as the processor and motherboard, as components. However, according to, components are actually the smaller elements that ma... Read More »

Which computer component makes it run fast?

Several components determine the speed of a computer. Most of these components work together to provide an optimal experience for the user. The central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (... Read More »

Which component of a computer system executes the program?

In modern computers, all application program instructions--including arithmetic calculations, logical decision making and access and control of computer hardware components--are controlled by a com... Read More »

How do I know when I can recycle a computer component, and when it's safe to throw it out?

Find somebody's truck parked somewhere and put it in the bed. Then it's their problem! It's safe to throw it in there when the own3r's not around and nobody's looking. Likewise if there's someth... Read More »