A Christmas Carol what is Scrooges favorite Christmas saying?

Answer Bah Humbug

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What was Scrooges favorite saying in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Favorite Saying The story doesn't come right out and state what Scrooge's favorite saying is, but it must be "bah humbug" as much as he said it.

In Disney's a Christmas carol after a visit from Jacob marle scrooge is then visited by the ghost of Christmas?

PastPresentYet to Be/ Yet to Come/ FutureIN THAT EXACT ORDER!

In Disney's A Christmas Carol what does Scrooge buy for the Cratchit family on Christmas Day?

What does the ghost of Christmas present teach Scrooge in a Christmas carol?

He teaches him that you don't have to be rich to have happiness. Also that Scrooge only hurts himself with his pride and rudeness and that family can make you happy