What is your fave....?

Answer Ice-Cream- ToffeeYogurt- Strawberry and VanillaVegetable-CarrotsFruit-BannanaCereal- Crunchy Nut or weetabixSoup-Either vegetable or chickenSandwich filling- Chicken, cheese, lettuce and red onion

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What is your fave album ever?

What is your fave eye colour?

What is your top 10 fave songs?

1. Taylor Swift, Mine2. Selena Gomez, A Year Without Rain3. Demi Lovato, A Gift of a Friend4. Taylor Swift, Love Story5. Miley Cyrus, Who Owns My Heart6. Taylor Swift, You belong with Me7. Demi Lov... Read More »

Fave MCR song?

well helena is my most played song on my windows media player but my fave is dead becaue its really energetic and makes me feel alive, how ironic and i have never listened to The Used.. should I ??