What is your fav restaurant on the strip Staying at Belliago.Not too pricey.?

Answer this is offf the strip but a I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND IT (its only a few buck taxi is cheap) its called Stephanos Hookah Bar and Lounge they have the best STEAK Kebabs and everything mediterranean yo... Read More »

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Where is the best and LEAST PRICEY restaurant to pick blue crabs in close proximity to Wash DC (0-90 minutes)?

I live in Southern Maryland and can confidently say that we have the best crabs anywhere! All good crab shacks are going to be a hole-in-the wall and not fancy. Some suggestions for Charles County,... Read More »

Where are the cheapest restaurants in Las Vegas We are staying on the strip.?

Ellis Island behind Bally's has a steak dinner for $5.00, which is actually pretty good. When I went to Vegas, I took a list of all of the cheap eats deals, a lot were disappointing, this wasn't. ... Read More »

Your husband is in the military and he has been going out and staying out for the past two and a half weeks what shud you and your 3 kids do?

If he has just left the army he maybe just catching up on some lost time by spending it with his friends, or doing things he enjoys. Have a talk with him and see what he thinks.

What is your motivation for staying a vegetarian/vegan?

THis question is so upside down to me. The very thought of eating dairy and meat is repulsive. It makes your body so acidic, so stressed and slow digesting. Meat takes the longest to digest, and in... Read More »