What is your experience with Lexmark printers?

Answer Look for the cheapest ink refills first, then check that printer out.

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Are Dell printers Lexmark printers?

Yes, Dell printers are Lexmark printers. Lexmark produces nameless printer models and Dell places their name on them. Recently, Dell requested small physical changes on the printers they purchase f... Read More »

With printers, which is better HP or Lexmark?

I've been useing LexMark printers for years they do a great job and have been trouble free. I bought mine for about $50.00 at Wallmart and never had any paper jaming problems.Good luck

Are lexmark printers ok?

YessSSSSSSSSS i love mine so be a lexmark fan

Are lexmark printers good on ink?

Lexmark is the second biggest pirate after Dell in ripping people off on ink. The best three, in order are Epson, Brother and Canon.Epson wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and l... Read More »