What is your experience with Chiropractors?

Answer 1. My ex husband went to a chiropractor for minor back pain and came out of the appointment essentially paralyzed. He was out of work for a month, but made a full recovery.2. My father went to a ch... Read More »

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What was your experience with removal of your wisdom teeth?

If they are causing pain, but have not grown thru the gums yet, they will probably schedule you for surgery to remove them. When I had mine done, I wasn't having any pain yet. But when my dentist d... Read More »

What has been the outcome of, or your experience with your attachment parenting style?

I used attachment parenting with my first son, and I didn't even know such thing existed. Others have stated it, and I agree: It's just common sense. "No-Duh" parenting in a much better name for... Read More »

What is your EXPERIENCE with modular homes?

Based on the answers you have received so far, there is a LOT of confusion about definitions of modular, manufactured, double-wides, etc. Your answerers are confusing double-wide mobile homes and ... Read More »

What has been your experience with resveratrol?

I took it under the tongue for a while in a water suspension, for gum irritation. It was alright. Otherwise, I used a few bottles of it and couldn't tell you what it did. Brand didn't seem to matter.