What is your ear made of?

Answer Cartilage and skin.

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Simple question. What was your favorite meal made by your parents what meal made or makes u run to the ->?

Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah,so many.,,,,,,,,,,,,Mom was pretty good in the kitchen,, I must say.Meatballs sauce..........we'd get some Wonder bread and just steal half the pot of sauce, before she even finish... Read More »

Does what your mouthpiece is made of affect your tone quality on a tenor sax?

The mouthpiece makes a huge difference in your tone. Plastic is a beginner mouthpiece. Time to step up to a better mouthpiece. But you need to consider this. If you are playing in the concert ba... Read More »

What is/was your favorite meal made by your parents?

Sorry about your parents Scooter :( In my family, my dad ALWAYS cooks, because he is a great cook and he likes doing it, so it works out for everyone :) He cooks such good food that I can't pick ju... Read More »

What would you do if you got two free maoam stripes in a magazine and one of your relatives stole them but you had no allowance and could not buy your own sweets and it made you so angry?

It's possible your relative didn't realize you wanted the maoam stripes in the magazine. You should learn to communicate and politely tell your relative that you were saving those stripes for yours... Read More »