What is your current resolution on your PC?

Answer 2048x1536 on my 3 monitors. Anything less and I feel cramped for space. If you want broader statistics, go to, they maintain stats obtained through web-browsers.

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What does matching your screen resolution to the resolution of a video file do?

If you leave your display resolution at it's highest allowed setting and play your video in a window, you'll most likely be viewing the video with optimal performance.If your video resolution is la... Read More »

Can you get your ex to sign over his parental rights without having to have your current boyfriend adopt your son?

Answer It's possible the courts will allow it. However, if you agree to let him to give up his parental rights, then, generally speaking, you also give up your right to pursue him for child suppor... Read More »

Poll: What size is your monitor and what is your screen resolution?

52" LCD, displaying 1920x1080 resolution (also known as 1080p). Using a DVI-to-HDMI connection.Photo of my setup:…(I'm sure there's someone out there wi... Read More »

What is your current battle(s) with your children?

Riley has started head-butting. Sometimes he does it on purpose and sometimes he does it went he's trying to give kisses. Also, we are still fight the "i-eat-everything-off-the-floor" phase. With T... Read More »