What is your biggest weakness?

Answer HiMy biggest weakness is chocolate chip cookies and shortbread with a cappuccino tastes so good (drools)Yours sounds so yummy got to get me some of those :-)I hope that you Have a wonderful day :-)

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Gardeners. What insect in your opinion is the biggest threat to your garden?

Probably "aphids". They are the most common insect and most prolific in garden settings. They are not just native to certain areas, but are found in every state, county, and city in the U.S. and ca... Read More »

What are your biggest fears about your baby?

i have a two year old and i'm 8 months pregnant with boy #2. . i'm not as worried about baby #2 as i was my first.with my first i was afraid of SIDS. i couldn't even let him nap on his own.we co-sl... Read More »

What are the weakness in BBC science curriculum?

it doesn't go over much in depth- my advice would be to go over it once or twice, but to achieve a C grade and above you're going to have to do some serious revision

What are the causes of plantar flexion weakness?

Plantar flexion allows you to walk down stairs, land properly after a jump and press down on a gas or brake pedal when driving. If you have plantar flexion weakness, these and other normal activiti... Read More »